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Supports available from Enterprise Ireland

By: Tom Leahy | Posted on: 14 Jan 2020

Supports available from Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland has started out 2020 with a concerted effort to show Irish SME’s that Brexit is no barrier to expanding abroad and keen to show how they can support them in this endeavour.

The three key areas they are focusing their help are:

Innovation- with a range of funding available for everything from major R&D to smaller product, service or process improvement projects.

Market Diversification- With the Market Discovery Fund, the Market Research Centre and an International Office Network Enterprise Ireland are positioned perfectly to assist SME’s to start their expansion journey.

Competitiveness- ‘Given our small and open economy, the need to drive competitiveness has never been more urgent.’ To do this they are employing an Operational Excellence Offer, a Business Innovation Initiative, a Capital Investment Initiative (CII) and Lean Business Funding.

In addition their help is no longer solely focused on existing SME’s but with their Pre-Start Business Support they will guide you through the steps for business in the earliest stages. With 31 Local Enterprise Offices around Ireland, Enterprise Ireland is truly the first port of call for any budding entrepreneur in Ireland. 

There is no doubt that there are challenging times on the horizon for SME’s in Ireland. There is also no doubt that with the correct help, guidance and preparedness of Enterprise ireland any SME is more likely to succeed.